EAF Water Cooled Combustion

Description of Project:

The existing water-cooled slider box is experiencing a large amount of leaks at it’s Inconel piping.  This is causing a large amount of repair and maintenance during outages.  Evaluate the slider box to determine if the leaks can be prevented longer term.

Scope of Work:

HOH analyzed the existing slider box and the EAF main baghouse to determine if the leaks are caused by the structural design of the slider box or temperature/flow issues in the main baghouse/slider box system.  Recommendations for new material if better than Inconel can be found.  HOH performed a 3D structural analysis of the slider box and was able to identify structural limitations on the existing system and recommend modifications which should allow the slider box to perform as expected.

Value to Client:

The existing slider box required a large amount of maintenance and consistently experienced water leaks.  Modifications to the slider box could greatly reduce down time and maintenance cost.


LaPlace, LA

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