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Few owners possess the time, capability or total in-house staff capacity to follow through on the many phases of a construction project while simultaneously maintaining the normal flow of their primary business activity. To serve this void in corporate structures, HOH Construction Managers was formed in 1971. Today, we are a firm with proven capabilities and a track record of success in providing complete construction service, which often involves bringing to life our engineering group’s innovative designs.

Provide Value Engineering

In choosing materials and equipment, we take into account not only initial cost but also such factors as maintenance and replacement costs, speed of construction, availability, and “down-time” costs. We then carefully analyze these factors along with design specifications to determine optimum allocation of construction expenditures for the project.

Invite Bidders

We screen companies based on their qualifications for the type of work to be constructed, utilizing our network of previous experience with them.

Analyze Bids

Compliance with design and inclusiveness of effort are thoroughly reviewed to eliminate overlap of work by the various trades, which cause financial excesses and delays.

Select Contractors

Decisions are made only after investigating each bidder as to present work load, financial status, bond and insurance capabilities, and references.

Prepare Contracts

These are tailored to satisfy all specific requirements.

Purchase Materials

Many times a project will benefit from our direct purchase of materials and equipment on behalf of the owner, as our purchasing decisions can often best meet construction schedule requirements and save time and money.

Prepare Construction Schedule

Coordinating the work of the various contractors and expediting project completion is an art we’ve developed into a science.

Supervise Construction

To coordinate contractors and to ensure that scheduling and conformance to design are being met, we provide a full-time site superintendent as well as a project manager, who acts as liaison between office and site.

Prepare Progress Report

Progress reports are prepared to compare with the construction schedule, and to apprise clients of the project status.

Administer Change Orders

If construction changes are required, we serve on the owner’s behalf to determine their validity and to negotiate additional compensation as well as credits.

Approve Progress Payouts

Contractor invoices for work completed, waiver of liens, and contract compliance are thoroughly scrutinized for monthly construction draws.

Approve Final Payment

Inspections and State-of-the-Art controls determine satisfactory completion of work by each contractor before approval of final payments.

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