Chairman’s Letter

A Formula for Excellence

Why not borrow from the best! At HOH, our company slogan is:

E = mc2
(excellence) (moxie) x (conscientiousness)2

Moxie describes our fortitude in taking on and applying common sense to difficult problems. Conscientiousness is the care we use in applying the right resources for successful solutions.

When our sister specialists in steel were convinced that neural technology could optimize the performance of electric arc furnaces, they developed and patented the Intelligent Arc Furnace™, which was then selected for an Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award by the National Society of Professional Engineers, (NSPE), and is now in use worldwide. That’s E=mc².

And the NSPE then similarly selected the famed Tunnel and Reservoir Plan, the multi-billion dollar pollution control and flood abatement project for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, for which we were one of five engineering firms to receive that award. Few can forget the No. 1 Continuous Slab Caster and Water Pollution Control Facility that HOH designed for Inland Steel Company, with imaginative innovations that garnered another NSPE Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award.

From improvement in industrial production to safeguards for the environment, HOH sets the standard for excellence. But excellence doesn’t end with technical innovation.

Project management that melds control with creativity ensures that the processes we design and the systems and solutions we devise are thorough, reliable, maintainable, as well as installed on or ahead of schedule and within budget.

When one major client estimated that a new facility would cost $125 million, HOH found the right combination of determination and resources to bring it in for under $105 million. That, too, is E=mc² – breaking excellence down into parts, not just saying it, but demonstrating it as well. These are the reasons why HOH continues to command the confidence and satisfaction of its clients.

Harry O. Hefter

Chairman, President and CEO

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